Energy Healing for Beginners

 – The Energy Healer’s Journal – Awen

(Awen – is a Welsh word used when relating to flow or balance of energy, intuition, spirit, creativity & inspiration: It has varied      and many meanings of this ilk, but nothing which simply translates to English)

Day 1: The Premise of Where this Journey Begins

The Concept That We Are Energy Beings

Energy is an invisible force that is present everywhere in the universe, including within each and everyone of us. It’s a fundamental part of our existence, even though we might not see it with our own eyes. Just as we know electricity powers our devices, energy is what powers our bodies and everything around us.

Think of it this way: You know how you feel different emotions like happiness, excitement, calmness or anger? Those feelings are a form of energy.  Your energy, can make you feel alive, motivated, and full of life. On the other hand, you can feel slow or low, when you are tired, for example.  Perhaps something upsets you or you are concerned about a situation then your energy is affected, you feel different from your “normal” – when low on energy, you may feel sluggish or unmotivated and your mood is affected.

The idea of humans being energy beings is based on the belief that we have this life force energy flowing within us, affecting how we think, feel, and interact with the world. Sometimes, this energy can get imbalanced or blocked, leading to physical or emotional discomfort.  Ignoring these feelings can and will in time lead to problems that show up in our physical bodies.

Practices like energy healing and Reiki are aimed at understanding and balancing this life force energy. By doing so, we can experience improved well-being, emotional clarity, and a sense of harmony within ourselves and with others.

Even though we can’t see energy with our eyes, we can experience its effects. For instance, have you ever been in a room with someone who was really happy and excited, they are buzzing aren’t they, and it can be really infectious you start to feel as they do.  The opposite is also the case, you may have entered a room or space when something has happened that has been really upsetting, you might not have been there at the time but you can feel that people feel sombre – do you remember how you felt?  Could you feel the mood or the energy in the air?  That’s a glimpse of how energy can impact our lives, even if we don’t always recognize it consciously.

The idea of understanding ourselves as energetic beings can be a transformative journey, as it opens up new possibilities for personal growth, and understanding, healing, having a different perspective and living a more fulfilling life.

What’s This? – Life Force energy

Now, let’s delve deeper Life Force energy, also known by various names like Chi (Chinese), Prana (Hindu), Ki (Japanese), or Mana (Polynesian),Nywerth (Celtic Druids) is a fundamental and universal energy that is believed to flow through all living beings and the entire cosmos. While different cultures may have their unique terminology, the underlying concept is essentially the same.

Life Force energy:

Life Force energy is the vital essence that sustains and animates all living things. It is the underlying force that gives life its spark and keeps everything in motion. Just as a river flows through the landscape, Life Force energy flows through our bodies, connecting every cell, organ, and system, ensuring their harmonious functioning.

Imagine Life Force energy as the invisible thread that weaves together the fabric of existence. It is the breath that breathes life into our physical bodies and the thoughts that give rise to our emotions and consciousness. Without this energy, life would be stagnant and devoid of vitality.

This energy is not limited to our physical bodies; it extends beyond, connecting us to the world around us and to each other. When our Life Force energy is balanced and flowing freely, we experience a sense of well-being, mental clarity, and emotional stability. However, if this energy becomes blocked or depleted, we may feel unbalanced, stressed, or even physically unwell.

The ancient healing traditions from various cultures have recognized the importance of maintaining the balance and free flow of Life Force energy. Practices like Reiki, acupuncture, tai chi, and yoga are aimed at cultivating and channelling this energy to promote healing, inner peace, and spiritual growth.

While Life Force energy cannot be measured by conventional scientific instruments, its effects are evident in the way we experience life. It influences our moods, emotions, and interactions with others. It is the subtle force that underlies our physical health and contributes to our overall well-being.

As an energy healer, understanding and working with Life Force energy allows us to support others in their healing journeys. By helping to remove energy blockages and restoring the natural flow of this vital force, we can facilitate profound shifts in physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Ultimately, recognizing and harnessing the power of Life Force energy opens doors to self-discovery, personal growth, and a deeper connection to the interconnectedness of all living beings. Embracing this concept invites us to see ourselves not just as separate individuals but as integral parts of a vast, interconnected web of life.

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